A landmark building located in the West Chelsea Historic District and steps from the High Line.
Available to rent for your special event.

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The true definition of a multi-use event space. 

Column-free, ground- level, raw and capable of a vast array of configurations, from an intimate sit down
dinner to fashion shows with room for 500. 

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Located on the ground floor with direct access to the street allows for efficient access to the space. The interior of the Theatre has a raw, industrial feel while still retaining a modern elegance. The walls are mostly brick, with one wall finished in black stucco. The south wall contains 5 large, arched windows that have blackout shades on them. The Theatre and all of its ancillary rooms are all fully heated and cooled.  The Theatre 68’-6”(20.8m) by 65’(19.8m) long. There is a 39’(11.9m) by 13’(4m) lobby/entrance area with bathrooms on either side. The gable roof peaks at 28’-6”(8.7m) in the center and slopes down to 14’-1”(4.3m) on either side. The overall square footage of the main space is 4,992 sq. ft.(459sq. m)  The occupancy of the Theatre is limited to 299 people at any one time. This includes performers, staff and any other members of your organization. This is due to egress available in the event of a fire or other emergency. However, you may be able to obtain special permitting from the City of New York to increase the capacity to above 500. This normally involves using the two large loading doors as an additional means of egress. 

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The Studio is an excellent support space for your event in the Theatre. Staging performers, additional dressing/makeup space as well as a set-up area for catering are easily accomplished within the Studio. It contains much of the same roof structure as the Theatre plus a large 9’x50’(2.7m x 15.2m) skylight. The north wall has a large arched window. The interior of the studio is brick on two walls and grey stucco on the other two. The Studio and all of its ancillary rooms are fully heated and cooled.  The Studio is 68’(20.7m) wide by 57’(17.3m) long. The overall square footage of the space is 3,876 sq. ft. (358 sq. m).