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Studio, Back Wall

Studio, Back Wall



Studio Lounge

Studio Lounge



Studio Specifications

The Studio at The Caldwell Factory™ is an excellent support space for your event in the Theatre. Staging performers, additional dressing/makeup space as well as a set-up area for catering are easily accomplished within the studio. It contains much of the same roof structure as the Theatre plus a large 9’x50’(2.7m x 15.2m) skylight. The north wall has a large arched window. The interior of the studio is brick on two walls and grey stucco on the other two. The Studio and all of its ancillary rooms are fully heated and cooled.  


The Studio is 68’(20.7m) wide by 57’(17.3m) long. The overall square footage of the space is 3,876 sq. ft. (358 sq. m)  

Locker Rooms

There are two 13’x18’(4m x 5.5m) locker rooms with two showers in each. There are also about 20 lockers in each. The Theater has two additional dressing rooms as well. 


The lounge contains three couches, a microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. It can easily double as a Green Room or catering prep area. It contains program monitors, intercom and video monitor tie-ins.

Loading Doors

There are double doors that lead into the space off of a small vestibule from the street. The opening is 6’-11”(2.2m) high by 5’-10”(1.8m) wide. 


There are two distribution panels, in the southwest and northwest corners of the room. They are each served by a 200 amp 3 phase breaker and provide reverse neutral and ground cam- lok connections as well as 3 100 amp 2PnG connectors at each location. There is very little additional power in the form of wall outlets. It is recommended that the renter bring additional power distribution. The Theatre contains a 400 amp 3 phase and a 100 amp 3 phase disconnect as well. There also is an additional 100 amp disconnect with no neutral. All three of these are about a 100’ cable run to the studio. 

Studio Rigging

The Studio has a dead hung pipe grid installed. There are two sections of it. The main and upper section, is trimmed at about 21; off of the floor in the center of the Studio. The second and lower section is mainly located around parts of the perimeter of the Studio.

Both sections of the pipe grid are 1 1⁄2” Schedule 40 Pipe. The pipes hang from the roof c- channels with aircraft cable and chain. Cheeseboroughs connect the pipes to each other. A maximum point load of 75 lbs. (34kg) is allowed on the pipe grid.

The roof also has the same C-Channels and can be rigged from in much the same way as it is done in the Theatre. The capacity of each roof truss is 4,000 lbs (1,814kg), not including the weight of the pipe grid.  

General Lighting

The Studio is lit primarily by Compact Fluorescent Floodlights. They have lamps reflecting down as well as uplighting the ceiling. There are also truss uplights on the roof trusses. They are controlled by wall dimmers in the northwest corner of the studio. The truss uplights can be dimmed. Neither the fluorescents nor the truss uplights can be controlled by a lighting console.